LetsGetChecked Design Direction

How can design help take a start-up healthcare service selling barely 50 units a week to selling over 50 units a day?

2018   ·   Product & Service Design


Direct the design for a healthcare service with multiple digital and real-world touchpoints.

LetsGetChecked is a personal healthcare startup, offering at-home testing for a range of infections and conditions from sexual health to fertility and cancer. As Design Director I led the design process across the company – digital and online products, branding, marketing and strategy, working and managing different teams and projects. 


End-to-end healthcare service design

As a start-up that has a huge range of products our core work was to connect people with laboratory testing. Everything starts with discovering their needs, balancing this with business requirements and our partners capabilities, while working with the design and development teams to push creative solutions.


Patient-first Digital Healthcare

I led the design of flexible and iterative solutions with a measurable improvement in sales, customer satisfaction and simplified workflows for other business areas. Major service touchpoints included e-commerece, kit activation and onboarding, sample collection & return, and offline sales and partner integration.


  • Helped to secure $12m in Series A funding with valid, usable products, services and communications materials
  • Unit sales increased from roughly 50 units per week to 40 to 50 units per day
  • Promoted collaboration with in-house engineering, marketing, sales and support teams to push creative solutions

What did I do?

Design Direction, Prototyping & Site Architecture, User Research & Testing, Product & Brand Design, UX/UI Design, Art Direction, Content Design, Design Facilitation & Co-creation.